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Ladies with Real Mink Fur Wraps

Mink Fur Coats for Women

At Real Mink Rules, we are passionate about the luxurious look and feel of real mink fur coats for women and mink accessories. Real mink coats are beautiful, elegant, and surprisingly affordable. We don't use new mink pelts in our products that make them sustainable and eco-friendly. Order recycled mink fur products from Real Mink Rules for you and your pets as well.

Contact Real Mink Rules to personalize your mink product. All fur products are sent to you from cold storage, freshly cleaned, glazed, and conditioned.

About Real Mink Rules

Real Mink Rules began with an idea. While watching television in 2017, our founder Phyllis Smith kept seeing beautiful women posing for pictures on the runway with tiny dogs in their arms. She also noticed that the tiny dogs were shivering. This led her to think about her favorite housewife, Lisa Vanderpump, and her dog Giggy. Even though he is a major celebrity in his own right, poor little Giggy has a medical condition called alopecia that leaves him nearly bald. Phyllis concluded that Giggy needed a new fur coat, a Real Mink fur coat.

Phyllis has always loved the texture and appearance of mink fur, but she is more a cat lady than a dog person. Her cat, Snooky, simply glared at her when she tried putting a Mink coat on him—but dogs love playing dress-up! Phyllis began buying pre-owned mink coats, wraps, and stoles at charity auctions and transforming them into luxurious Real Mink Dog Coats. Phyllis took one of the mink coats she purchased and placed it on her couch as a throw. She then noticed that her cats liked to nap on the coat.  After a few days she decided to take a lint roller to clean up the white cat fur, but then noticed there wasn't any because mink repels pet fur. This observation led her to create Real Mink covered dog beds.

The rest is history.

Learn more about Real Mink Rules and the story behind the company.

A Mink Love Story

In the early 80s, Phyllis bought a stroller-length mink coat from a furrier in Dallas for $2,000. While browsing the store, she fell in love with a long black mink coat that cost $10,000, but she could not justify the expense. As much as she loved her little stroller-length coat, she never forgot the full-length black one. In 1989, she answered an ad in the newspaper and bought a beautiful, pre-owned, long black mink coat for $2,500. From that day on, she no longer dreaded cold weather. Now she looks forward to " Mink Weather" and the opportunity to enjoy her beautiful coat, and she has never regretted a dime of the purchase price. She even took the coat to a furrier to have her monogram applied to the liner, and she has loved every minute of wearing the coat over the last 30 years.

Women seemed to fall into two camps when it came to Phyllis' mink coat. Some loved the coat, but others wanted to give her a hard time. "How many minks had to die for you to have that coat?" asked one coworker. Phyllis responded, "How many cows had to die for you to have your steak dinners, your shoes, your purses, your coat, your briefcase, and the upholstery in your car?" The coworker had no response.

Sometime in the 90s, Phyllis was standing at the Highland Park Cafeteria, waiting to pick up some pecan pies for Thanksgiving, when she felt someone petting her arm. She looked around to find a sweet little lady who was impeccably dressed. The lady said she was sorry, but she just loved the feel of mink and couldn't resist touching the material. Phyllis said it was no problem and told her to feel away! They both laughed, and the lady said she was scared to wear her own mink out in public in case someone threw red paint on it. Phyllis assured her that might happen in New York, but that things were different in the South. She told the lady that she should enjoy wearing her mink, and that no one would mess with her in Texas.

Back to Real Mink Rules

Phyllis realized that she couldn't be the only woman who had always wanted a full-length mink coat and didn't want to spend $10,000 on one. She decided to take her dog coat business to the next level. So many of the coats and stoles she bought were as good as new and needed no repairs, so she decided to give them new lives with new owners. She joined forces with a furrier that had been in business for more than 80 years to inspect, care for, and customize the coats for customers. Since then, Real Mink Rules has sold pre-owned coats and accessories to customers nationwide.

Real Mink Coats, Stoles & More

Real mink coats are beautiful, luxurious, and surprisingly affordable. At Real Mink Rules, we offer a great selection of vintage, recycled, and pre-owned mink coats along with a wide range of mink accessories, such as stoles, wraps, collars, cuffs, cross-body bags, and boot cuffs. We even have a line of real mink dog coats to keep your best friend warm and stylish!

Our goal is to counter the damaging myths about the fur industry and make wearing beautiful Real Mink enjoyable again. Because we sell pre-owned and recycled furs, no new mink pelts were used to make our products. In fact, the fur industry is extremely sustainable and eco-friendly. Real mink is back in fashion, and we encourage women to wear mink without guilt, and come on out of the " Mink Lovers Closet".

Faux fur feels just as good as Real Mink fur...Said No One Ever.

Ladies, you deserve to surround yourself with the warm, comforting, luxury feel of Real Mink.

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