Real Mink Rules

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Sapphire-Colored Coat

Rules for Wearing Mink

Discover our list of 10 simple rules for wearing mink. At Real Mink Rules, we believe that women should take pride in their real mink coats and wear them at every opportunity.

Real Mink Rules

Always choose REAL MINK. If a fabric sweater or a jacket will do, choose a REAL MINK wrap.
Always accessorize with REAL MINK. You and your cashmere sweaters deserve to be seen with REAL MINK collar and cuffs.
Always make a REAL MINK entrance when it's chilly outside.
Diamonds are forever, but REAL MINK will keep you warm.
Always wear REAL MINK. Wearing repurposed genuine MINK is the green choice. Faux fur manufacturing adds to greenhouse gasses, so wearing REAL MINK helps you to help our planet.
Always take care of your MINK. Never put her away wet. If you get rained on, it's okay—minks get rained on! Simply shake off excess water, hang her up, and let her air dry.
Store your MINK in a cloth garment bag away from heat and sunlight. Do not store in plastic garment bag—your REAL MINK needs to breathe.
Always be sweet to your MINK. Pet her often, and tell her she's pretty—just like her Mama!
Always INDULGE yourself or your sweetheart with the ultimate luxury—the feel of REAL MINK.
Wearing REAL MINK will inspire people to stroke you in public. Always forgive a stranger for not being able to resist the temptation to suddenly reach out and experience the joy of touching REAL MINK. They just can't help themselves.

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